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current flyer brix - dance music to uplift the soul and energise the body - full on trance; psychedelic trance; hardcore; gabba; eclectic and soothing sounds in the chillout - incredible decor, colourful people ... and a hot tub! - if you like the sound of brix, keep an eye on the events page for details of the next one ... it's a london thing ... extrastatic @ brix chill our energies this summer were concentrated on staging the Brix Chill festival - three days of music and relaxation on a beautiful site in southern England ... it was so successful, we might have to keep it a secret next year ... musical highlight was Extrastatic, with their seductive mix of beats and computer visuals spacer
brix is always on the lookout for performers and djs. if you're interested, contact ... or send us a mixtape.
... and if you've been to brix and want to add to the reviews section, contact the same address.
sites that inspire us
barefoot doctor
dance floor antics captured in an avi movie by crew member Bernie ... be warned, the file size is 107k.
legomen can't mix - image by bernie brix appeals to a wide range of partygoers, although most tend to be fairly short and have a taste for primary colours ... as well as music, you'll find stalls selling a wide selection of bright shiny objects; fabulous visual entertainment - performances, projections and decor; and fine food and drinks ... but don't just take our word for it, we've got the photos to prove it penguins at home - image by overscan here are some of the crew basking in the glory of two double page spreads in Mixmag this year ... makes a nice change from features on Gatecrasher, doncha think? ... Brix is the product of many people's imagination, so if you want to find out more about the people behind the club, check out the crew page.