What is your name?

The Tigger Test
1. Do you bounce? yes no
2. Is bouncing more important than snuggles? yes no
3. Do you refer to snuggles as bouncing? yes no
4. Which do you like best of all?
5. Why do you do the things you do most?
6. Can you purr? yes no
7. Do you climb trees? yes no
8. Can you get down again? yes no I don't know
9. Do you have a tail? yes no
10. Do you own a stripy or furry coat? yes no
11. Do you own a stripy and furry coat? yes no
12. How many friends do you have?
13. What is more pleasing? order chaos
14. Have you seen the tigger movie? yes no
15. Do you own the tigger movie? yes no
16. Which is better? cats dogs either
17. How exciting do you find your life?
18. How high can you bounce?
19. Do you bounce when you are high? yes no
20. Which do you prefer? bouncing being high
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