spirit is the homesite for Theo, the Cybertigger Mistress.

The portfolio site for the Cybertigger Partnership can be found at

Theo's art site can be found at


Both sites are dedicated to the idea of the internet as a place of stable interfaces, clean code and elegant design, but this one is also a personal reflection: dedicated to my friends, clients, family, loves and inspirations.

As Mistress i am a trip guide, a rave junkie, a fairy from another world, a peace warrior, a dangerous anarchist, a novice, an expert, a child of light. All these things you will find here...

...and all these things are One thing...all are facets of the Tao...

May you be blessed with:

chaotic refractions......visual confrontations
anarchic expansions......sensual appreciations
kinetic distortions......mental exhilarations

Cybertigger is an ever-evolving site, may you and the cybergods be kind to us...