cybertigger politics

Politics now is about thinking differently: outside the box; outside the system. We are of a supposedly apathetic generation, a generation that grew up being told that all the revolutions were over, all the Big Ideas had been tried.

And yet something has grown out of the Right To Party scene, the road protests, Reclaim The Streets, Critical Mass: something to stand up to the IMF, the World Bank and global capital; something that seeks to hold to account the growing power of international business and the governments that support it. It is not a policics of party or the ballot box, but a loose coalition of anarchists, pacifists, enviromental pressure groups, and above all, individuals. Inspired by the zapatistas, fueled by hippy ideals and strengthened in riots and crackdowns, we take our peaceful protests to the streets and on to the internet, infused with a discordian sense of humour and a surreal sense of carnival.

When the state faces fairy wands, foam armour and catapults firing teddy bears with riot shields, batons and CS spray, we know we have won the argument. We have no leaders, we have no Big Solution, we seek only to create a space in which to come together and Think Differently, share ideas and knowledge. We are, in general, pro-decriminalisation, pro-localisation, pro-sustainability, anti-pollution, anti-famine and anti-exploitation. We spread the word in our homes, in our jobs, everywhere. We are you.

And so every Mayday, every summit, every demonstration is yours also: your chance to be heard, your chance to ask questions.

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